A leading global procurement company providing global value sourcing, consultancy, aftersales, distribution and supply chain management services


RYKH Procurement Ltd is one of the world's leading procurement agencies. We apply our knowledge & procurement expertise gained from over 50 years experience to help our clients, from both the private & public sectors. We improve every aspect of their procurement activity and provide solutions that have a positive & lasting effect on their organisations.


Our clients are Governments, humanitarian organizations and major corporate business. We work globally and focus on East Africa as a hub of opportunity for sustainable development.


Our services cover procurement, strategic sourcing, supply chain management, grant management, after sales management, distribution, supplier relationship management, e-sourcing, training, procurement strategy, procurement transformation and immigration advisory services.


We place high values on supplier procurement regulations conformity and Global Soucing for value, quality and aftersales service. Our Global Sourcing Principles establish the standards for suppliers working with us and we expect our suppliers to adopt similar principles in dealing with their own suppliers


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RYKH Procurement Ltd benefits from an internationally diverse staff and a large consultant database that includes thousands of technical experts in information technology, applied economics, finance, civil society building, supply chain management,  commodities trading, capacity building, academic research, security, aid funded business, distribution and procurement 



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